Life Opportunities, Inc Life Opportunities providing families and children behavioral and emotional therapeutic services and foster home support.
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Life Opportunities, Inc
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    Hope for the Future

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    There is Help

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  • Therapeutic Foster Care

    Therapeutic Foster Care

      Life Opportunities Therapeutic Home Services places children with therapeutic foster parents who are trained specially in caring for youth at risk.  Children become a part of their families, benefiting from the stability and sense of family belonging. Strengthening Family Connections With the support of their Therapeutic Foster Parents, children work to deal with behavioral health challenges such as trauma, anxiety and depression. We help them strengthen connections with their biological families, as appropriate, through a mix of mental health interventions that...

  • What Is a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

    What Is a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

    Therapeutic Foster Parent do more than just open their homes to children in need—they open their hearts and lives. They’re giving a foster child something money can’t buy—a helping hand, a home, a family and someone who wants to share a life with them.  Therapeutic Foster Parents show children and their families that we all matter and we all deserve to live life to the fullest.  Could You Be a Therapeutic Foster Parent?  You don’t need to be a superhero—just a regular...

Life Opportunities Therapeutic Home Services Mission

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To Serve children and families in our community by equipping them with a sense of diginity, accountability, responsibility, goals and directions that will guide them towards a better and brighter future.



Life Opportunties Therapeutic Home Services

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